Pyras' familiar.


Age: Not a whole lot.
Birthdate: Unknown!
Astrological Sign: Unknown!
Height: Small!
Weight: Not very much!
Gender: Female
Race: Peterbald
Hair: None
Eyes: Red
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Deity: Nope
Instruments: Cat-hands
Primary Weapon(s): Cat claws
Other Weapons: Touch-Range Spells
Role in Party: Cat
Outlook: ∑:<

  • Pyras (Master)

Backstory Edit

One of many eastern house cats bred for their appeal as hairless lap animals. Cynder became a magical creature and Pyras' servant when Pyras was a teenager.

Role in PartyEdit

Cynder doesn't really do a whole lot to help an adventuring group. She mostly serves as an accessory for Pyras' strange outfits.


Cynder is lethargic and complaisant, without much reason or motivation to do much of anything. She is always obedient, and is content to communicate only with Pyras, unless she is otherwise commanded.


Cynder is Lawful Neutral like her master. She appreciates order because it usually means that she can be relaxed and lazy.


While she is an animal, Cynder is intelligent enough that she considers herself above the status of common people.

  • Flan: That one's dangerous. He needs to be watched carefully.
  • Arinae: I don't understand why my master would let this one live. It's dangerous and scary.
  • Drea: He seems strong, but I think that my master could defeat him if it ever came to it.
  • Lueali: A fascinating specimen! He is naturally skilled in arts that my master has studied. I have not seen them, but I believe his methods are crude and unpracticed solely due to his likely lack of education.
  • Autem: She tries to make things better, and that makes me happy. I like her because I think she and my master can be friends.
  • Felix: He's very strange! I think that he is a magician, as well. I hope that he gets along well with my master so that they can learn from eachother, but I'm afraid that he might just be another savage.
  • Granth: He's large and dangerous! I would be scared of him if he were less controllable.
  • Karrs: I don't like creatures like these. They don't behave according to rules.
  • BOAT: I prefer the bigger boats with more rooms in them. This one was small and wet.