A few people have expressed interest in creating stories for Nole en’Tel’Quessir, a fictional book of very old elven mythology. I'm creating this page to help manage these ideas for our use!

Existing Stories

The Sullen Princess · Seed, Flower, Feather

Creating New StoriesEdit

This is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED!! However, these have to fit a certain style, so try to follow these guidelines!

  • The myths are metaphors. Paint with broad strokes, but feel free to work in odd details if they sound symbolic, IE a king wearing a circlet made with a particular kind of flower, or a bird being a particular kind of bird.
  • The myths are old. Stick with very "safe" themes, think sexist/heteronormative and racist/xenophobic society. Stories with acceptance as a theme are great, but don't make it anything too radical, like a sun elf and a drow who are also gay, oh nose.
  • Worth with the smallest possible number of characters, and if possible, don't give them real names or deep personalities. Leave that to the bards, right?
  • Use big archaic words all you like. The stories are, technically, written in elven, so long flowery descriptions can be a nice touch sometimes.
  • If you're having trouble making it sound silly enough, get it proofread!
  • Cheeziness is worth gold stars!
  • Lumi uses Tel'Mithrim Language Resources, this elven name generator, and Jhonen Olain's Elven Translator, generally in that order, to get elven or elven-sounding words. You don't need to use these at all if you don't want to, and if you prod Lumi he'll probably do it for you, because he gets a kick out of fake languages. :D If you can't find anything good, just make something up and google it to make sure it doesn't mean "ass" in Swedish or something.

Concepts, Ideas, and RequestsEdit

If you've got an idea and can't figure out how to write it, or are vaguely inspired but can't get past the first paragraph, post it here for someone else to take over!

  • A story about a big tree.
  • A story about drow, as used as a bogeyman character.
  • A story about humans.
  • A story about drow and love.
  • A representative story for each:

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