Stan/Steve - the sadistically curious npc gargoyle


Age: like, 5 million years or something
Birthdate: like, 5 million years ago
Astrological Sign: butts
Height: 4' 1" at the shoulder
Weight: 528 lb
Gender: -- claims to be a lady
Race: Gargoyle
Eyes: Red glowy orbs
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Deity: Awesomeness
Instruments: Shrieks
Primary Weapon(s): Claws
Other Weapons: Teeth
Role in Party: NPC random encounter monster
Outlook: optimistically cruel
Family: Brad Kevin


Long ago Stan, Brad and Kevin were created as guards for the laboratory of an evil and somewhat overrated mad scientist. Passionately afraid of having his work stolen, he slowly became more and more adept at gargoyle creation, until eventually he no longer had time for his actual research. Stan and Brad were created late in the game. The gargoyles the scientist developed were stronger than the usual, and had more aggressive and protective personalities. The two, along with Kevin, were placed along a particularly unused rampart where they watched the master obsessively experiment and work himself into a frenzy every day.

Eventually they realized that the best way to prevent the master from being hurt, was to kill him themselves.

Since then they have been developing their personalities more, and they've taken to defending the cave entrance to the underdark near the laboratory they were created in. The three stick together, though their bond is not actually particularly strong by human standards.


Stan has become entranced by the concept of personality. She enjoys watching people carefully and hearing the different pitches that people scream in. The concept of self sacrifice delights her in a way only humorously pitiful self delusion can.

She occasionally adopts the gender of a particularly interesting person she meets.


  • Brad: Fun guy. Definitely the one to go to for pranks
  • Kevin: Moron. I'm not sure why he's still here. Good target for pranks though.
  • Drea'oth: Fucker's got my tail!
  • Autem: Hehe, I totally showed her. Stupid human-thing.