Karrs'ethikalain is an NPC Merchant Incubus. Level unknown, Class unknown.


Age: 2016
Birthdate: april
Astrological Sign: The Minotaur
Height: 6'
Weight: 150 lbs
Gender: Male
Race: Incubus Outsider
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black and Red
Alignment: Neutral
Deity: None
Instruments: Magics of some sort.
Primary Weapon(s): Curved Simitar
Other Weapons: Teeth and Claws and Charm?
Role in Party: Information- and item-giver

"The glass is always half-full"


  • Mother: Unknown
  • Father: Unkown
  • Nephew: Bailey Bridgestone
  • loads of wives & kids



Role in Party

Karrs isn't a party member, he's the guy you go to when you need to get information or purchase good wares at good prices. When he has joined parties, it was mainly for his own reasons and not the welfare of the party.



Karrs started off as evil as any demon, but as he moved to the material plane, he fell in love with the concept of "family." He loves children and generally has a good outlook at life for a fiend. Karrs is outspoken and generally has a good opinion of everyone. He's slow to anger, but when he's enraged it's almost impossible to stop him.


Karrs likes to hold a neutral standing in life by not getting involved in anyone's conflicts personally and selling to both ally and enemy alike. If anything, he's more "Chaotic Money."


  • Drea: Oh my, I think I made him angry! Hahahaha...
  • Lueali: I see now. He holds a special spell over my dear Drea, one that they both will be surprised with. Unfortunately, this displeases me.
  • Arinae: Such a fire-blooded girl. I have to make arrangements for her travels now. Heh
  • Pyras: I do so love redheads. This one will go far, indeed. I would like to talk with her more.
  • Granth: Always Drea's shadow. Who knows what the future holds for him.
  • Autem: Strong and intelligent. Someday I'll convince her to work for me... or marry me, haha.
  • Felix: This one is very far from home....
  • Flan: He's... interesting. From what I've seen, the boy is shy. Or is he? He will be important to many people later.
  • Myself: Ahh, my little ones, how they grow up so quickly. Soon, however, their lives will become more difficult and I myself will help them. *sigh*