Flan's beloved Windrider mount :3


Age: Fluffy!
Birthdate: Unknown!
Astrological Sign: Unknown!
Height: Big!
Weight: Heavy!
Gender: Female
Race: Tiger
Hair: Orange and white and stripey
Eyes: Blue->Yellow
Alignment: True Neutral
Deity: wut
Instruments: :<
Primary Weapon(s): Claw claw bite, REND
Other Weapons: Flan
Role in Party: Mount, and cute
Outlook: :3

  • Flan?
Character sheet


Lived on the tiger-infested plains behind Flan's Forest until Flan and his friend found her, Awakened her, and convinced her to join their group.

Role in Party

As Flan's mount she helps him in terms of speed, attacks per round, evasion, and grappling. As a part of the party as a whole, she's a big ball of Strength, beefiness, and fluff. Other than that, she's the only living being Flan fully trusts and they communicate on their empathic link almost constantly.


Onion is naive and curious and entirely confused by human traditions. She doesn't like being in places unfamiliar to her, but she'll follow Flan if he thinks it's a good idea. She has difficulty telling the difference between humanoids, but she has her own judgmental views about the cultures she does understand.


She's true neutral automatically as an animal, and she tends to look at the world without a particular desire for justice or equality, instead simply reacting to the things and people around her.


Onion is curious about others, though timid and unsure of how to communicate with them.