Bob is a 19 year old Ringling student who doesn't know wtf to write in his paragraph. He likes to eat live cows, but only if they're been grain fed. He spends most of his time getting addicted to bad games and he taught himself to play Smash Bros with his feet. Bob has one abruptly taken in cat, and two turtles. Bob is not Bob's real name. Bob plays Flan, who is secretly a sap because Bob is really bad at playing evil characters.



Luminance is a 21 year old DigiPen student who feels weird referencing himself in third person! He is currently a senior and will hopefully get a Bachelor of Fine Arts of Production Animation (BFAPA) in 2009 unless he fucks it up real bad next year or something. He enjoys jumping off of things into water, is terrified of spiders, and has a cat named Yuki that kisses on command. Luminance plays Lueali and Arinae, because lol contrast, and thinks they are both kind of dumb.



Shin-chan is a 21 year old BC student currently living in a small Apartment in the hell hole known as Bakersfield California. She tells you this with the confidence that no stalker will find her. She is working towards her AA in Art and hopes not to fail anymore classes. D: She also has a Cat named Shawn-Tu and he has no tricks other than suddenly appearing places. His nick name is Suddenly There Cat. She plays the character Drea and, when she feels like drawing more poeple, Granth. She likes to play Drea because it gives her an excuse to be a dick for the lulz, or a romantic... for the awws. (Those are my feet)



Yubi Shines is a captious, cantankerous wench who hails from the bitter Canadia northernlands, and must sacrifice a newborn once every year to preserve her witchcraft. She studies graphic design like a real grown-up, and is occasionally terrified of seeing ghosts in second-floor windows. Also, she makes awesome pancakes. Yubi plays the character Autem, who is sort of equal parts admirable and pathetic, really.



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