Old Silent Hill.

A resort town by a forest and a lake, populated and perfectly normal, wishy-washy details like doomsday cults and epidemics and prisoner of war camps being neither here nor there. It has a school and an amusement park and quaint little stores and everything.

Then the fog rolls in.


Do we want detailed character pages? I get the impression we're supposed to find the gritty details out over the course of the story. Zomg spoilzor.

Kit Marchand
some kind of blurb
Bella Carr
Not her real name. Isn't an albino or a biker.
character name


This is an open one-shot roleplay. Anyone can join, provided one follows the reasonably self-explanatory don't be an idiot rule. Knowing about the games helps.

EDIT: With four established characters, the roleplay is closed.


Part of the awesome about the game are the creatures based on the character's fears. Yes, they look like monsters to us. Vincent was a loony or a liar. It'd be a good idea to sketch ideas for them beforehand.

Potentially useful informationEdit

"Neighboring towns include Brahms and Pleasant Valley. A smallish city called Ashfield is an hour or two away." -some other website.