The Sullen Princess is a story Lumi created to explain Aelatuel in the language of a fairy tale. It has a subtext of openness between elven subraces, but that isn't the message of the story. Proofread and made "epic" by Shea, thanks loads! :)

Once there was a moon elf princess who lived in a palace hidden deep in the trees. She was very beautiful, but very lonely and sad; for while her people dearly cared for her, she had no lover and no friends.

When she came of age, many princes journeyed from far off lands to see her, but the princess just watched them all with her lovely sad eyes. Not one of them was able to touch her heart.

Her parents began to worry that she would never marry, and finally arranged for a ball, hoping that the event would perhaps lift their daughter's spirits and that she would find love in one of the many handsome princes.

The ball was like any other ball for the princess. She wore her most beautiful gown and walked amongst the guests, but found each one more tiresome than the last. Quietly, she slipped from the festivities to sit alone on a high balcony above the crowd.

The princess found herself watching one young wood elf noble. As though he could feel her gaze upon him, the wood elf looked up from across the room. Their eyes met and they Awoke to each other.

They were married the next day in a union blessed by the gods themselves. Bound together by the purest love, they ruled over the kingdom for a millennium, and the princess was never unhappy again.

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