Love Hurts
Yank the Dog's Chain
Odd Couple
Villain Protagonist
In the Blood
Rule of Cool
Rule of Fun
Teeth Clenched Teamwork
Ragtag Bunch of Misfits
Go Karting with Bowser
Love Chart
Mission From God (And how.)
Pair The Spares (SHUT UP)

Fantastic Racism
Colour Coded For Your Convenience
Will They or Won't They
Our Elves Are Better
Official Couple (LuexDrea, GranthxFie lololol oh dear god)
Weapon of Choice
Rescue Romance
Shirtless Scene
Perdita X Dream (all three chicks)
The Dulcinea Effect
Trauma Conga Line (sure feels like it)
Not Brainwashed (Neither Lue nor Drea. Then again...)
The Farmer And The Viper
Art Evolution (OH JOHN RINGO YES.)


Jerk Ass
Freudian Excuse
In the Blood
Fragile Speedster

Glass Cannon
With Great Power Comes Great Insanity
Brought Down To Normal
Curtains Match The Window


The Woobie
Honor Before Reason
Battle Butler
Broken Bird... sort of
Redemption Quest
The Fettered

Save the Villain
Number Two
The Medic
Liz Lemon Job
Failure Knight
Beleaguered Assistant


Cool Boat


Save the Villain
Friendly Enemy
Love Hurts
Vitriolic Best Buds
Jerk with a Heart of Gold
The Only One Allowed to Defeat You
Freud was Right
Badass Longcoat
Basass Decay Thanks, Lueali! 8D

The Captain
Loveable Rogue
Chivalrous Pervert
Love At First Sight
Martyr Without a Cause
What Is This Thing You Call Love
Important Haircut
Eyepatch of Power
Bring My Brown Pants


Genre Savvy
Deadpan Snarker
Character Overlap
Belated Backstory
Leaning on the Furniture

More than Meets the Eye
Obfuscating Stupidity
Smoking is Cool
Swiss Army Appendage
Mage in Manhattan (but backwards?)


Honor Before Reason
Pet the Dog
Friendly Enemy
Vitriolic Best Buds
Jerk Ass
The Only One Allowed to Defeat You
Right Hand Cat

Cats are Mean
Freudian Excuse
Dual Wielding
Knife Nut
Not Good With People
Too Many Belts
Monochromatic Eyes


Scary Black Man
The Stoic
Battle Butler

Made Of Iron
The Jeeves


Love Hurts
Bring Out Your Gay Dead
Bishie Sparkle
Detached Sleeves
Designated Victim

Love At First Sight
Distressed Damsel (subverted/inverted)
Squishy Wizard
Older Than They Look
Hair Of Gold Slightly subverted?
Non-Action Guy


Opaque Lenses
Scary Shiny Glasses
Magnificent Bastard
The Medic

Mister Exposition ("It's called love, moron.")
Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness
Break The Haughty
Sixth Ranger


Token Minority
Fiery Redhead
Naked First Impression but inverted??
Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness

Black Magician Girl
Sinister Scythe
Nice Hat (the CROWN)
Requisite Royal Regalia (not that she's royalty, but still)


Faceless Goons
Faceless Masses


Noble Demon
Chivalrous Pervert
Affably Evil


Empathy Pet
Misplaced Wildlife
NonHuman Sidekick


Weasel Mascot

Five Bad Band / Five Man BandEdit

The Big Bad - Drea
The Dragon - Autem
The Evil Genius - Phyre'ari
The Brute - Granth
The Dark Chick - Arinae

The Hero - Flan
The Lancer - Onion
The Smart Guy - Felix
The Big Guy - Pyras
The Chick - Lueali

...I think this could do with a reshuffling. NOT IT