Attempting to create something pithy and brief that describes this shit.

Quotes From MembersEdit

"It is about a group of people (some of them drow) running around and fucking things up."—Yubi

"Drowlove is just one long knife fight."—Shea

"The warriors attempt to bed the dread pirate captain and avoid the fiery steel of that guy without a nose."—also Shea

Quotes From FansEdit

"DrowLove is tough love, obviously. Or, I'd say... RP turned webcomic based on D&D with lots of cool characters, most of them are drow, and there's a love story..."—lsp_acca

"A story with some drow, and occasionally some love."—Chaney

Quotes From Random S. DouchebagEdit

"Drow Love is pretty much Twilight but with Elves/Drow instead of vampires and twice as pretentious."—Captain Butthurt

"You know when you order a porno for sex and get a lot of bad overacting? Add some elves and teen angst and that's Drow Love!"—Also Captain Butthurt

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